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I’ve been looking all over for this 🙌
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Tina Belcher x Brand New 2014
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State Champs (by Anam Merchant)
Marcus Amphitheater 
Milwaukee, WI
July 30th, 2014
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a girl posting a butt picture on the internet isn’t an invitation for men to send unwanted penis pictures to them.
i really don’t care about any idiot boy/ugly girl trying to justify that it’s okay for men to do that.
i don’t care if you think “oh she’s asking for the wrong attention by posting butt pix so she deserves dick pictures”
there is literally no justification for guys sending unwanted pictures to females after they posted pictures on the internet.
if a girl feels confident about any part of her body, she shouldn’t have to worry about some ugly boy sending his ugly penis to her.
she shouldn’t have to worry about some jealous girl saying “wow ur a slut. ur a whore.” 
there is LITERALLY no justification, so if you think otherwise you can go away lmao.

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